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ENG-Staff was founded by our President, Casey Ritts.  Casey has been a founder and executive manager in the specialized, "white collar" staffing industry for over 20 years. 


With talent in staffing start-ups, corporate strategy & operations,  Casey has learned that if you are going to deliver exceptional service to clients, then you must hire talent FROM THE INDUSTRY YOU SERVE, and train them to recruit.  This provides a seamless conversation from recruiter to candidate, as they speak the same industry jargon & technical parlance.


With current & former P.E.'s on payroll, this concept has been adopted at ENG-Staff.  This not only means that our engineers-turned-recruiters fully understand our clients' job orders, but candidate presentation is spot-on.


We keep our breadth of focus on components within the Civil Engineering discipline - primarily Civil, Geotechnical, Environmental, & Structural - which makes our boutique level of service highly desirable to companies in the same space.


We look forward to serving you and showing you a quality product from a team of true professionals.


Happy Hunting!


Call +1 925 718-8339+1 925 718-8339 or e-mail us at info@eng-staff.net

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